Portable Palm Cell Phone Jammer

Cellular phones are one of the most useful inventions ever and in the last decade the cell phone explosion has been taking place all over the world especially in developing countries like Jamaica, while developed countries like Japan continue to use cell phones for so many activities that I think it is now a vital tool for survival in a modern world.

Believe it for not, there is estimated to be about 2.7 million cell phones in Jamaica, thats breaks down to about 1 cell phone for every man woman and child on the island! They were designed to go everywhere with the user, but what if you dont want any near you? Say you are in a movie theatre, or on a bus, or in church and you are constantly bothered by ringing cell phones and chatter? I have found the perfect (silent) tool for you, a cheap, portable cell phone jammer!


Would you buy one of these?

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16 thoughts on “Portable Palm Cell Phone Jammer

  1. I’d definitely buy one, because no matter how much you warn them, some people think that they’re so important that they can’t turn their phones off or put them on vibrate..

  2. I’d get one, its annoying seeing people answer dem phone in a restaurant & u hear their depressing phone conversation…whatever…this one is kinda cool.

    hey there sweets! whats good? ;o)

  3. Yow !!! why you teasing me up like that why you giving me hope why you dangling the carrot before me why why why !!! tell me you have it or know where i can get it …..Jap don’t mess with now…

    ok jap i would so love to buy one thank you. :D

  4. hey something i just notice which has nothing to do with your topic…. is only nerds use firefox and "nooobs" (got this from taylor) .. uses explorer. Then how the hell i did so well on some nerd test thingy i did …damn… i am so going to do over that test… i just couldn’t help noticing … :(

  5. ye i would get a few of them, if it had a wider blocking distance, i would set them in different locations in busy areas like half way tree or new kingston and cause some havoc :)

  6. It’s less confrontational then telling someone to turn off their phone. I need a jammer to mess with my friend who’s always on his phone. These should be standard in movie theaters too :P

  7. I wouldn’t buy one, or want one for maself. But it’s definitely a useful gadget.
    Could be installed in classes or something, meetings rooms…etc

  8. @ Bobby…accept the geek inside you! ^_^

    @ Vox…that would be pandemonium

    @ Shay…chatting on ur cellphone in a theatre should be a crime punishable by death

  9. i want one now…i’d use it in meetings, at church, at the movies, around the office, on the bus, in my boss’car, at the airport, damn….i’d jus jam ur call cause u look like u think ur it with ur new samsung u700 or watever….but maybe that’s jus bad mind.

    @vox….excellent idea

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