Portable Palm Cell Phone Jammer

Cellular phones are one of the most useful inventions ever and in the last decade the cell phone explosion has been taking place all over the world especially in developing countries like Jamaica, while developed countries like Japan continue to use cell phones for so many activities that I think it is now a vital tool for survival in a modern world.

Believe it for not, there is estimated to be about 2.7 million cell phones in Jamaica, thats breaks down to about 1 cell phone for every man woman and child on the island! They were designed to go everywhere with the user, but what if you dont want any near you? Say you are in a movie theatre, or on a bus, or in church and you are constantly bothered by ringing cell phones and chatter? I have found the perfect (silent) tool for you, a cheap, portable cell phone jammer!


Would you buy one of these?


[ Via – Gizmondo | Brando ]