Playstation 3 price cut and new bundle

We are still 2 days away from the official start of E3 and after weeks of denying that a price cut for the PS3 was going to be announced at the popular electronic gaming expo Sony has gone ahead and announced it before.


The most powerful next-generation console will now cost us$499, the same price as the stripped down discontinued 20GB model but still is the most expensive next gen offering. A 80 gigabyte model previously only available in South Korea will also make it way west at will cost us$599 and come with a bundled copy of Motorstorm.


No doubt about it, the PS3 has been taking a bashing since launch with it’s main competition who already had a one year head start the Xbox 360 and the less powerful and insanely popular Nintendo wii consistently outselling it. I can now think about picking up a PS3 seriously, but I will also need a HDTV (must buy!) no sense going next-gen without that, so that means my next gen jump will cost me at least us$800 for a decent size HDTV and a xbox 360 or PS3. Woo knows what the Christmas holiday season will bring me (hint hint for all my family and friends who read my blog).

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