Gears of War – the Locust are cooler

Gears of War is the video game I have been playing mostly recently. My home PC has done it’s days and now cannot run any recently released games. It is in dire need of an upgrade and I hope to revive it from scratch this Christmas so for now it’s main uses are for internet, music and anime. A long time friend of mine owns a video game arcade in Kingston that I frequent and since Gears of War dropped at the arcade it’s been a real struggle keeping up with the demand, but they are managing and with networked 6 Xbox 360‘s at least for of them are always locked in local multiplayer matches. I played out my free month of xbox live with my “Taino101” gamertag which I hope to revive when I eventually get a xbox 360 at home, but for now I don’t need to play on Xbox live because there is more than enough competition at the Area 51 video games arcade in Kingston.

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In multiplayer matches I mostly use the the locust because they are big, bad and ugly. Gears of War is such a big hit at the arcade that there is an all night Gears of War gaming party being planned for the summer and you don’t have to guess to know that I’ll be there to take part!