Flow Jamaica Internet speeds and prices increase

Flow Jamaica has increased the fee for internet access blaming the sliding Jamaican dollar for rising operating costs, I like Flow and the service I have been getting so far, I really do but I was very upset when I heard this news from a friend I know who works at the company. A few days later my discontent was canceled with the news that internet speed would also increase so since July 1st 2007, I have had a 5mps connection up from 4mbps. I havent really noticed much difference but I did a internet speed test over at the flow Jamaica site right after hearing the news in late June and another just before making this post (in the wee hours of the morning on July 5th) and the test have indicated that I am now indeed rocking a 5mbps connection (nothing compared to the median speeds in Japan). My internet costs per month is now JA$2100 (around us$30) before tax. Check out the speed tests below and why not do your own speed tests on the site and post your results in a comment ^_^.

Speed test in late June 2007

Speed test on July 5th 2007