Entrecard – A great blog promotion Tool

Do you have a blog? If the answer is yes my next question will be, are you using entrecard? If you answer is no then you are missing out on a great opportunity to drive visitors to your blog. Which blog owner doesn’t like their page to be viewed by as much people as possible? Entrecard is a program I signed up for a few days ago that I wish I had signed up for sooner.

How Does Entrecard Work

You sign up for the program through their website at Entrecard.com, copy and past a small code that displays the entrecard widget (available in three sizes) somewhere on your blog, preferably in the sidebar or somewhere above the fold where it is very visible. Now other entrecard users who view your blog will have the opportunity to “drop off” their card on your page and when you browse other entrecard user’s blogs you will have the opportunity to do the same. This dropping off and receiving cards allows you to earn EC credits which you can then spend to purchase 125x125px places on any blog you choose and voila! instant promotion and site traffic via 2 routes.

1. From other entrecard users coming to your site to drop off their cards and build up credit.
2. From persons clicking through from spaces you buy on other blogs to your page.

Easy huh? Entrecard provides a powerful control panel that offers detailed statistics about your account and pages. You have control over which sites are displayed on your website and you control which ads are displayed on yours. I have already discovered quite a few new and interesting blogs in my Japan related niche and I have strengthened relationships with other bloggers I had known before who are also using entrecard.

If you have not already done so give entrecard a try and post your experience using the free service in a comment. One comment poster chosen randomly from the first 10 unique comments on this post will win 25 entrecard points/credits, this is my second random giveaway following up on the two free domain names I gave away when my internet connection went back to normal. Much more detailed information, help files and tutorials are available and the wonderfully designed and advertisement free website entrecard.com.

My Entrecard Profile

Blogging Pals Already using Entrecard

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Contamination from J-Donuts
David from Pure Blogging
Lina from urutora no hi
Bet Shop Boy from Betshopboy.net (site down)