Japan: Robot Nation

Japan: Robot Nation is a very interesting video (25 minutes long) I would like to invite my readers to watch. It speaks of Japan’s population problems that will only get worse in the coming decades, the Japanese acceptance of robots as a solution to he birthrate problem and Japans resistance to immigration which would be a better fix to the problem in the long run. I think I could single handedly fix Japan’s birthrate problems in a decade or two but I have a strict requirement of Japanese females between 18 and 35 only and in 50 years the country will have to renaimed Jamaipanese. Before I am taken too seriously I am just joking and I wouldn’t want my girlfriend to throw me from a cliff but check out the video when you have the time and drop me a comment with your thoughts.

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6 thoughts on “Japan: Robot Nation

  1. Robot Nation is the perfect title, as the Japanese are a bit robotic themselves. They’ve lightened up a lot since the age of seppuku, but still very serious people. As for the ages, why limit it to 35? Demi Moore ain’t that bad looking at her age.

  2. Thanks for posting this – I watched it all the way through – very interesting short documentary. I knew that Japanese people were getting older, but I didn’t realize how serious of a problem this was.

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