My Japanese Coach – Update

It’s about a month now since I’ve been playing the Nintendo DS game My Japanese Coach in my spare time. So far Most of what I have covered I was taught when you used to go to classes or I have read in books but It was good to refresh my memory and remind me how lazy I am and why my Japanese hasn’t improved past Hiragana, Katakana and a few basic Kanji in the past year. My Japanese Coach isn’t perfect but it does well to keep inspire me, for practicing and keeping the sound of Japanese fresh in my mind as my main problem is not having much immersion in naturally spoken Japanese in my surroundings.

Other than me (Infidel) my friend Elvis (Negro) and girlfriend (Marsha) are
also playing My Japanese Coach

I am at lesson 22, proud of my KINDERGARTNER Rank with 227 words mastered. I have started sentence structuring and will post another update in a few weeks with updates before a review not long after.