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The third season of Heroes has come and gone so quickly and before I even finish the first sentence I would like to say that this season was underwhelming with a very disappointing finale. Expected plot twists, a major death almost every episode, an overload of blonde characters and a former nurse turned commando all ad up to me not completely giving up on the series but finding it hard to love it like I once did. There were bursts of genius but unfortunately this was followed by bouts of “what the f*ck” moments.

I have tried my best to not spoil much for those who have yet to watch or finish watching season 3 butI am preparing a 5 favourite and hated characters from Heroes Season 3 blog entry that I will be posting soon that will have a few spoilers, this continues a similar post of my favourite and not so favourite characters I made midway through season one when I was supper excited about Heroes. It will be very interesting to see how my feelings have changed towards certain chracters now…trust me.

Villans to Fugitives

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The “Villans” arc of Heroes has come to an end and from the sneak peek of the beginning of the second arc of season 3 that arc will be entitled “Fugitives” and I can almost picture the story in my mind already and it is not very original. Heroes season four is expected to start next February.

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  1. @ Stunner…they sure are running out of ideas. Glad you discovered the smilies, careful what click accidentally next time, you might trigger an explosion

    @ Gordon…leave Hiro alone!

  2. @cs. i thought the exact same thing.. its very X-men like. either way maybe there is hope for the fugitive arc it seems one of the original writers that left after season one is back.. i wonder if it was he who left and took the vision of the series with him.

  3. I skipped all the comments because I am still on Season 2. It’s going to be a while before Season 3 is ready for broadcast in Japan.

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