My favourite Heroes characters – so far listed from 5th to 2nd

05: The Haitian

The Haitian is yet another late bloomer of sorts. To me watching this guy so far he has been the creepiest character, yes even creepier that the shadowed Sylar or glasses wearing freak Mr Bennet (more on why I hate him is in another post). His has the ability to negate the use of other peoples abilities when in his presence. The hatian was like this robot/android/golem/puppet thats at the beckon call of his master (Mr Bennet) I am not racist or anything but I did not at the time that the two persons of African decent in this series( so far) were limited, one was a jail bird and the other and mindless zombie. My zombified view of my Haitian brother changed in the last episode, why you ask?…… HE SPOKE!….I was what the f*ck…he is human after all! For those who haven’t watched the series, please you will see why he is now one of my favourites and has basically switched place with Mr Bennet.

04: Sylar

For most of the first half of the series Sylar was always in the shadows, floating around, popping off heads and was even pumped full of lead and thrown off a building at one point, but towards the end he was transformed from this “shadowy figure” into this well thought out mad man who wants to fix broken people (hahahaha thats funny, um sorry excuse me).An episode focused on him alone shed light on his past and allowed to kill off one the characters that I disliked (yeaa!). that “killing” scene was crazy and was one of them scenes that had be jumping up in my living room screaming uncontrollably throughout the commercial break that followed but will will not post what I was shouting ;)

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03: Niki

Niki is one of characters that is surrounded by all kinds of drama and like hero and peter is always in the think of things. She grew up in an abusive home with an alcoholic father which contributed to the development of her alter ego and dark (but not evil) side Jessica who is the version that I am crazy over. Niki kicked up quite a storm in the first half of the first season, she busted a few heads, cheated on her husband, stripped online, wielded a high caliber rifle, got arrested among other things and I expect lots more from Mrs Sanders.

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02: Micah

Micah to me is the character that is being overlooked and if he doesn’t develop to play a vital role in the series I would be very very very very (did i say very) disappointed. His powers seem to be technology related so far and he also is a very smart youngster that is mature beyond his years. Both his parents are heroes – his mom Niki is the blonde bombshell and doppelganger and his dad D.L has the ability to pass through solid objects.

The above views are the personal ones of the author of this blog, whether you like them or hate them is not his concern, they are meant to stimulate discussion on his current favourite prime time TV series and spread it’s popularity.

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