My 5 least Favourite Heroes Characters – so far

05: Mr Bennet

My how the great has fallen, in the early episodes this dude used to be the boss in my eyes, his persona strong and he demanded fear or respect depending on whose side you were on. This all changed in the “Save the cheerleader, Save the world” where he transformed into this emotional, arrogant father who would put anything on the line for his beloved Claire, yes that is “good” but the character I was attracted to seemed as if he would chew you up and spit you out, then all of a sudden he was in tears and running around trying to keep a maniac from what I thought initially to be only one of his possessions.

04: Peter

Peter swings from a favourite to a non favourte in my books very regular. On one hand I like his role as one of the most important heroes and maybe the key to the series while on the other hand he is not very smart, inexperienced and looked down upon. Heck usually people like these kind of characters but I must be different because most times I don’t. He has the ability to mimic the powers of other persons around him.

03: Matt

Matt Parkman is a police officer who’s dream is to be promoted to a detective but has failed the test many times so far because of a learning disorder, he was later promoted and accepted into the FBI so he can help with the Sylar case. He has the power to read minds. I don’t “hate” Matt it’s just that off all the heroes he seems to be the most useless and unconnected one right now story wise. I do hope his role develops more as the series continues.

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02: Nathan

I describe Nathan as the antihero politician prick who hates his powers, cheats on his wife and makes life miserable for everyone except those he wants to vote for him. Nathan possesses the power of self-propelled flight. He first discovered his power when he accidentally used it to save himself from the same car crash which left his wife crippled. He is also the older brother of Peter.

01: Claire Bennet

Claire is a teenage and adopted daughter of Mr Bennet. Her powers are described as “spontaneous regeneration”. Claire is my least favourite character for many reasons. Of all the characters she is the one to me that I have seen so many times before in various series, movies, books and just life. She is young, helpless, has more lives that my feline friends and blonde :) . She suffers from serious power overuse most of which is unnecessary, she has had her arm mangled by a garbage disposal machine, she has had he head busted open, she has had glass stuck in her hand and my personal favourite – she has been tackled by a schoolmate and had he head facing the opposite direction! There was one instance she used her powers that I liked though – when she was cut open and lying naked in a morgue! Maybe she will develop into a more likable character, maybe I am too hard on her character…just maybe…all I know I don’t like her character much right now :)

The above views are the personal ones of the author of this blog, whether you like them or hate them is not his concern, they are meant to stimulate discussion on his current favourite prime time TV series and spread it’s popularity.

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4 thoughts on “My 5 least Favourite Heroes Characters – so far

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  2. Hey again!

    The actress for ‘Claire Bennet’ was in the film ‘Bring it on 3’ and is a real cheerleader in real life! She is such a good cheerleader.

    Shame her character sucks though, eh?

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