Gundam 00 Season One Review

The Gundam series is one of the most popular brands in anime with numerous spinoffs, alternate stories, video games, animated movies and a merchandising empire. Gundam 00 is the latest is the linage and with the first season spanning 25 episodes over, this is an overview of the show, my review and my expectations for season 2 without spoiling too much for those who haven’t seen the first season yet and follows up on my Gundam 00 first impressions post.

Gundam 00 Series Overview

Gundam 00 takes place 300 years in the future, the world is split into 3 main countries/confederacies and the main these of the entire anime is war..war with giant robots wielding deadly weapons. The 3 main factions in Gundam 00 are the Advanced European Union (AUE) which is like a future Europe with all the current ongoing integration and in-fighting over and done with, the Human Reform League (HRL) which is a union of Russia, China, India, Mongolia and other nearby countries and the Free Nations Union which is a union of all most of the countries in the Americas, Japan, Australia and parts of the Asia with the United States being the dominant power (I guess this is where Jamaica would be -_-). The earthis fossil fuels have been depleted and the 3 main factions have found an infinite source of energy – Solar Energy which is harvested by using massive structures stretching from the surface of the earth into outer space called Orbital Elevators. Constant war, civil wars between countries not a part of the 3 main factions (like a few from the middle east), private military corporations profiting from wars and terrorist attacks have led to the formation of Celestial Being, a secretive organization possessing Gundams with their primary objective of eradicating war.

First Season

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Gundam 00 starts off very slow and many viewers were disappointed in the early episodes of the show when the various characters are being introduced and the Gundams were wiping the floor with the primitive mechs the 3 alliances of the world possessed. Midway through the show though unexpected twists like the injection of new characters, causalities, betrayal, and a missing limb (:P) managed to turn up the pace a bit and reinvigorate the series. The later episodes are ripe with action as the whole seasons comes together nicely, and as expected, the final episode is a cliffhanger which provides a teaser and previews of season 2 which starts in October.

Season 2 Expectations

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Season 2 will have to at least live up to the high standards set in season 1. I am expecting to see a few familiar faces returning but will also like to see a slew of new people, new machines of death and hopefully a catastrophic world event.

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  1. I use to watch it when i was a little girl,it reminds me my childhood! :)
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  2. First comment but not really (*inside joke*), fairly long time lurker:

    This is a throwback! While I wasn’t really into Gundam my high school sweetheart really caught my interest with Ranma 1/2 several years ago. Have you ever seen that one?

    Zooming up to modern days, I wonder what your take on Byakugan is?

    Keep up your blog. From one Jamaican to another, it’s a breathe of fresh air!

  3. @ Weronika…checked it out and commented!

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    @ Marketing…I’ll check out Code Geass as well then

    @ Stunner…there betta be!

  4. Code Geass… i have to agree is a decent watch. It starts off slow but picks up rather quickly. Give it a twirl… I’m itching to see how they are going to pay out season 2.

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