Mobile Suit Gundam 00 – First Impressions

So far I have watched the first 4 of 25 episodes expected in the first season of the latest Gundam Series. I have been excited about this new Gundam series for months and I wrote about it in June.

Gundam Exia and it’s pilot has yet to impress me

The story is very Gundam-like and revolves around a private organization calling themselves Celestial Being using the power of advanced mobile suits called Gundams in their quest to end all wars. Also in typical Gundam fashion a simple story is complicated by a huge cast of characters and the viewer sees the progression of the Gundam 00 story through these various characters.

The “Flag” Mobile Suit that wiped the shine off Exia

It’s a bit too early to say if I like Gundam 00 or not, but I do look forward to each episode and I have already found my favourite suit and pilot. I have always been a fan of the big, high damage dealing Gundams like Heavy Arms instead of the pretty, agile, and flamboyant types and so far it seems that Gundam Virtue is the spiritual successor to my Gundam Wing favourite and the baddest mofo (imho) in Gundam 00.

Gundam Virtue

Who else been following Gundam 00 ?