My third personal hobby blog is in the works

I recently launched my photography blog, with it’s main purpose being to track my progress as I learn about digital photography properly while having a place to post my pictures and get feedback. is my main blog and the topics cover my love to Japan and mixes in related topics and personal interests such as technology, anime, science, music, sports, Japanese language study, video games and more.

The video gaming aspect of that list will soon get a home for itself soon, but don’t worry I will still be making video game related posts here on, just don’t expect games unrelated to Japanese culture or happenings in anyway, so that means don’t expect my FIFA 09 review here to follow up on my review of FIFA 08 or a review of the planned Bioshock sequel but games related Japan or with a heavy Japanese like my soon to be completed review of Folklore and games I am super excited about will be posted here as well.

I play a lot of video games so I have always wanted to post my thoughts on the industry, write more reviews and rant a bit more on crappy hyped up games like Assassins Creed. So in a week or two I will be introducing you guys to my latest blog…completed dedicated to gaming. Stay tuned.

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