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Since my “I shall tame the beast called the Japanese language” post I have been hard at work in my free time putting draft posts together to continue posting about and practicing Japanese through my blog. I have put all my Japanese language study material together in a area of my room and one or both of my recently purchased books are almost always with me at all times. Before I continue on with new posts I thought it would be recap everything for those readers who may not have seen a couple poss and will want to follow when I post more entries related to me (and hopefully you) studying Japanese.

brushed up on my hiragana after forgetting a few

I used to study Japanese with a very good teacher at least 2 times a week and then only on a Saturday, but this stopped a few months ago when my workload kept increasing, many of my classmates dropped out and the cost for the lessons got more and more expensive. These classes and exams did well to formally introduce me to the language, I met many friends (many of whom I still talk today) and I had a very capable Japanese teacher. Check out the class logs and practice category of my blog. SOme interesting posts in that section are:

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Hiragana charts
Katakana charts
Hiranaga and Katakana Explained
Japanese “u” verb practice
Japanese “ru” verb practice
I shall tame the best called the Japanese Language
and much more

I know that a couple visitors and regular readers speak and/or write Japanese well so I will be depending on you guys to correct any mistakes I might make and I welcome feedback from anyone.

7 thoughts on “Japanese Language related entries recap

  1. Wow. You’re really serious about this aren’t you? I was gonna take Japanese as an elective one year. Thank God I didn’t!

  2. Best of luck! I studied hard for the first three years I was here (Japan) and had a somewhat decent level. The sad thing is, when I returned to Australia for 4 years, I forgot most of it. This time around (living in Japan), I haven’t found the time to study so my level is really not what it should be :(

    So, I don’t know how much help I can be, but will certainly try to if I can.

  3. As long as you have the desire and the passion to learn this langusge (japanese) you will do well. Go for it man.The worse thing is not to at least try. RESPECT star!

  4. I think flashcards are the way forward. If you make and learn the Kana flashcards you will get used to learning from them, which will help you *hugely* with Kanji in the long run. My bag is pretty much bursting from the cards I carry around all day…

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