Learning Japanese is complicated but not difficult

This is my entry for September’s Japan Blog Matsuri on the topic “The language of Japan” being hosted by Tae Kim. This post is about my experience trying learn Japanese over the past 5 or so years.

My relationship with the Japanese language is a weird one, I would love to learn the learn the language but various factors are making it somewhat difficult. One of the main reasons is I am learning it for personal reasons and so I have found that I am not as disciplined as I want to be and with an anime, manga and video game addiction, a full time job and frequent “surprises” in life it makes learning so much harder.

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Tutored by Anime, Manga and Video Games

Recently I have been brainstorming ideas on how to learn Japanese by replacing “enthusiasm” with with a serious professional interest and combining that with that with believe it or not……..anime, manga and video games. I’ve already purchased books that teach Japanese by using manga (which I enjoy using), anime is a tool not for “learning” Japanese (my blogging pal Koichi advises against using anime to learn Japanese) but for hearing Japanese being spoken which helps with pronunciation and is vital for someone like me who doesn’t have a native Japanese (yet?) to practice with and lastly video games, there is a wealth of titles especially on the Nintendo DS that are made for students of Japanese or even native speakers wanting to practice. Mix that in with notes from my 2 years going to private Japanese classes and various other standard text books and Japanese language information and learning websites and you (or should I say I) have a Japanese learning recipe ^_^.

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5 thoughts on “Learning Japanese is complicated but not difficult

  1. Yeah. Learning Katana. It’s not so difficult. I read raw manga alongside my charts to get some understanding of the words.

  2. Whenever I read about people learning Japanese from anime/games I (like Koichi) cringe a little.
    (The main reason for that is the fact that real Japanese and anime Japanese are not one and the same)

    But you are also talking about using Nintendo language games. I bet those would be very effective.
    Also sometimes you have to get your Japanese wherever you can, so in that case anime Japanese is better than no Japanese.

    Keep learning. Ganbare!

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