Back to school and Business Aspirations

I start my 2 and a half year, part time pursuit of a paralegal associate degree tomorrow at a private school in Kingston. The original plan was to go to the University of Technology (Utech) but plans change and with me still having to work full time to support myself and contribute to my household part time school is the only option right now. If there’s anything I’ve gotten from my years as a field slave at the Ministry of Justice is I have discovered a love my Law and legal proceedings. The new plan is to complete my paralegal associate degree and use that as a stepping stone to the Norman Manley Law School in the University of the West Indies. I’ve wasted a lot of time since leaving high school, i’ve started so many classes/schools but completed none but this time it’s different, we all have to grow up sometime and in the last year or so with support from persons close to me I’ve finally made the transition to a young adult.

I’ve registered a business and I’ll be providing information as soon as I get a few things ironed out. It makes no sense I complain about my current job but I do nothing to improve myself. If everything goes as planned continuing my education while having the flexibility of income from my own business will be realized in 2-3 years then I can kickstart the real plans for my conquest of the known universe.