Back to school and Business Aspirations

I start my 2 and a half year, part time pursuit of a paralegal associate degree tomorrow at a private school in Kingston. The original plan was to go to the University of Technology (Utech) but plans change and with me still having to work full time to support myself and contribute to my household part time school is the only option right now. If there’s anything I’ve gotten from my years as a field slave at the Ministry of Justice is I have discovered a love my Law and legal proceedings. The new plan is to complete my paralegal associate degree and use that as a stepping stone to the Norman Manley Law School in the University of the West Indies. I’ve wasted a lot of time since leaving high school, i’ve started so many classes/schools but completed none but this time it’s different, we all have to grow up sometime and in the last year or so with support from persons close to me I’ve finally made the transition to a young adult.

I’ve registered a business and I’ll be providing information as soon as I get a few things ironed out. It makes no sense I complain about my current job but I do nothing to improve myself. If everything goes as planned continuing my education while having the flexibility of income from my own business will be realized in 2-3 years then I can kickstart the real plans for my conquest of the known universe.

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14 thoughts on “Back to school and Business Aspirations

  1. Yeah Mon! That is the way that you should do it. Experience>Take-a-step-UP>Experience>Take-a-step-up…NUFF RESPEC and Blessings!

  2. Good Luck. Stay with it. I have read your posts for a year or so and noy that I am coming towards the end of my career so much you sounds familiar. I too wasted a lot of years but eventually woke up and started to take some classes in CAST wich I think became Utech. It was a long process with many turns but I did eventually earned a Masters degree and have reached some degree of acredition in my profession. My one advice is to hang in there and be persistent.

  3. I for one welcome our new Jamaipanese overlord… ;)

    Go for it mate!
    I also have my own business that I am working on part time. One day we will be free of our plantations!

  4. progress is great ainit???? mi a support u 100% in this move. and the day u feel like u’ve had enuff then mek sure u tell me 1st! as for the conquering…go for it!

  5. @ Ruthibelle…..anime/Manga/techie-Jap-jibberish!!! blasphemy! :P

    i am not willing to split my domain…but from reading your blog I see you are female so maybe you can be my 3rd or forth wife :D

    I agree with your good ole days post/rant/fireball 100% and I can relate seing that I am a young person as well.

    @ Kurt…thanks!…yea I need to see if there is an update so that my blog will recognize chrome comments -_-

  6. You know why this post is so late? Everytime I come on here there’s some anime/Manga/techie-Jap-jibberish that I can’t make heads or tails of… But better late than never, right??

    So I totally support the school move, and I too want to add my two-cents of congratulations on the registering and taking concrete steps to build your own business… I still only have a business plan gathering dust and dreams swimming in my head…

    Sorry but I can’t condone you taking over the "known universe", I’ve already reserved that conquest for myself… and I don’t think there’s enough space for two "lords" in this here sphere, unless you want to go splitsies and take the Asian side (in which I have no interest) and leave the North/Latin-American part to me… :-D

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