To arms my Otaku brethren!

Browsing through my various RSS subscriptions today I got angrier and angrier when I kept reading more and more stories by western media outlets jumping on a quote from the Chinese media who are labeling persons in China who are addicted to watching the Olympic games Otaku. It’s obvious they don’t know what the true meaning of the word Otaku is but it puts me in a placard bearing mood to see idiots labeling me and other Otaku worldwide something we are not!

The Quote

Chinese media has even given its army of TV Olympic spectators a name — otaku — a Japanese word that means “venerable house” and usually refers to someone nerdy who is totally devoted to a hobby to the point of not leaving home.

This is how Clare looked when I complained to her this morning

I really should reconsider researching how to build or acquire an ICBM….one (or two) would really come in hand right now.

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9 thoughts on “To arms my Otaku brethren!

  1. I am surprised that the Chinese media would write a seemingly negative article regarding the Chinese Olympic fans.

    Since the Chinese are trying to glorify these Olympics, I would think they would actually write about these people in a positive way.

  2. a smart man once said dont bite the hand that feed you.. i dunno who he is and maybe he was talking to his dog or somethign. but the phrase kinda fits right now i guess.

  3. Just to be sure, are you upset about the "not leaving home" part? It’s a little extreme, but beyond that, I don’t see what there is to get worked up about. I admittedly haven’t done much research into this, but I’ve always thought that was pretty much the perception of otaku in Japan itself. It’s not like being an otaku is a positive thing, you know.

  4. tornadoes28 yo are so right right now in Jamaica it would be better for the country and the economy if more ‘nerds’ and ‘geeks’ would be around other than being gunmen and killing people and destroying the country

  5. Hahaha… since when are sports fans considered as otaku?

    That’s surprising. Anime is really mainstream right now, So the whole otaku thing isn’t really bad. But still otaku must unite.

  6. Otaku like anime. Since anime is becoming more mainstream, then it is really not negative anymore to be otaku. Anime is fairly popular here in the States now too.

    Geeks in the US are also not so negative anymore. A geek is thought of as smart and a computer expert. Someone like Bill Gates. He’s very rich.

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