Jamaica’s Olympic Track dominance continues

I’ve been screaming for so long that I’ve lost my voice…I’m tired, I’m weak and I am sunburnt. Jamaica came to a standstill this morning as I was stranded in the middle of downtown Kingston while on my way to work. There was a huge outdoor screen in the middle of the town centre and that’s where a huge crowd of at last 5 thousand of my countrymen had gathered, bus drivers and taxi drivers abandoned their buses and I was going nowhere so why not join into the festivities that were just minutes away.

Usain Bolt wins the 200m in world record time

Usain Bolt was on show and boy did he deliver and only minutes later Melaine Walker underscored our dominance on the track at this Olympics. The funny thing is lots more medals are expected and we already top the athletics medal table!

Milaine Walker on her way to win gold in the 400m hurdles


9 thoughts on “Jamaica’s Olympic Track dominance continues

  1. Jamaica to the flippin’ weerl!! (My new motto). This morning I reach work hella late, lol. I got accidentally-on-purpose stuck in Half Way Tree watching the races. Had ma digi-cam on hand, got some pics of the live celebration in the middle of the road… check it: http://ruthibelle.blogspot….

  2. To the …eh em Weeerrrll …ok to the world oh yea "98" and ten years after we doing it else where again ….go JAMAICA go BAP BAP BAP

  3. And how very appropriately name Usain is .. "Bolt" alright ….he might look back and wonder how fast he could have gone and set and even greater world record in the 100 if he dropped the show pony stuff down a little and ran the race to the end. All the more power to him being the fastest in the world though.

  4. I read on MSNBC sports news that there is a strong rumor that Bolt will play in the National Football League. He would be an awesome receiver with his speed and height.

  5. Both did extremely well especially Melaine, she really caught me off guard with that one, congrats.

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