My Web hosting Woes are Over


Web Host Forgiven – Problems Absolved

At the time of this post it has been 25 hours since my problems started with my (previous) hosting provider I woke up yesterday morning, checked my site visitors and responded to a few comments like I usually do but sometime between leaving home for work and arriving at work to check on my site again my blog and every other website hosted on my web server was down and displaying a “cpanel is successfully installed” blue screen. I was busy around the office for about 2 hours and couldn’t address the problem but I soon I fired off a support ticket but a day later and after countless responses my problem is still present!

Site5 introduced me to another version of the blue screen of death

Instead of getting better my problem was magnified when all my traffic from all my websites were being pointed to a website that didn’t belong to me! I thought it was some kind of hack attack at first but then support told me there was a mix up with ip addresses with a recent server migration and it has been fixed and I should wait 90 frickin’ minutes for the DNS changes to propagate and my sites would be back…1 hours, 2, hour, 3 hours after that notice and my problem was still existent and when I made inquired and threatened to move to another host and speak out about Site5’s crappy service I was offered a free month of (crappy?) service. I quickly signed up with a new host and began transferring my blog to a new server. I temporarily lost a post but I permanently lost a few comments when I mainly Happy New Year wishes and I apologize if your comment was lost in the transfer.

Second rate customer

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The work day soon came to an end and the responses from Site5’s supposedly 24/7 support became less and less to the point now where I have not gotten a response in 8 hours and still my hosting account is down. All night I have been transferring other sites off their their server and unto my new host and I wait to see how long before my problem is fixed if it is ever fixed before I ask for compensation or a refund. I am once again feeling like a second rate customer because I am not from the United States and I strongly believe that if I was from the U.S. my problem would have been fixed much quicker and given more attention. Some of my friends use Hosting Server HostiServer, and really recommend it. I’m kinda wishing I did my research and found a reliable hosting company.

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January Curse

It seems January 2-4 has been an unlucky period for me for the last 2 years, who remembers my problems with my domain registrar at exactly the same time of this problem last year when I was accused of fraud and all my domains taken offline to for 36 hours?

What have I learned

  • Twitter is a uber cool web app, I got a lot of help and feedback from users responding to my tweets for help
  • Never host another site with or recommend Site5 hosting to anyone again
  • Not surprisingly I am addicted to my geek repository (blog) and couldn’t eat, sleep or function properly without it.
  • I’m motivated to blog even more and had some time to think of some great ideas for posts this year.



Web Host Forgiven – Problems Absolved

8 thoughts on “My Web hosting Woes are Over

  1. Yikes! this seems like an impulsive post to me Jamaipanese. Have you gone through many problems with them? Don’t judge them based on one bad experience. I’ve been using them for years now and I’ve never once had any real problems with them.

    I really think it’s unfair to judge them based on one bad experience man. Doubt it has anything to do with you being a Non- US citizen. They did send out emails telling everyone they’d be moving over to another server, so problems weren’t necessarily ruled out.

    Give them a break man, Irie! [jamaica]

  2. @ Jason…hehehe so you do understand when I said I was going crazy

    @ Gordon….I have not only had one bad experience I can show you many support tickets with frustrating generic responses to my issues. I have been with them for years too but unlike you I have had problems, maybe we are on different servers or sometimes you don’t notice their outages.

    even now the few sites I have left on their server is still showing the cpanel installation error! and their support is useless!

  3. Ever since I switched to HostGator I’ve never had a problem with my hosting maybe you should consider switching hosts. HostGator has some of the best support too so they may be more helpful when shit hits the fan.

  4. Lol, i know when my site goes down kurk, i have a tracke set up. so it notifies me when it goes down and when it goes up. Wll they always respond to me:) pretty fast too

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