From my other Blogs – Sixth Edition

This is the sixth edition of a monthly recap of interesting posts from my photography blog and my video game blog.

My journey to learn and love affair with photography continues. I had another minor achievement last month when a photography I took on a trip to the U.S. last year of the Capitol Building in Washinton DC was (and continues to be) featured on the guide of Washington DC. My monthly photography link-up with my favourite Flickr group took us to Hollywell National Park, high up in the Blue and Johncrow Mountains of eastern Jamaica. I took a few photos during the trip there and after arriving. Finally I tagged a long with 2 friends for a 15 minute Sunday evening drive from house to take pictures of the sun setting in Port Royal.

More on  Pokemon Go coming to a smartphone near you

Amazon had a pre Christmas sale on video games I wish I could have taken advantage of. Another independent video game studio was snapped up by a big named company. After many delays Playstation Home finally launched.  Trailers for Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2 caught my eye. Spike TV’s Video Game Award Show for 2008 was mostly retarded and I idled away the slow days during the holiday season at work with a browser based RPG called Monster’s Den: Book of Secrets that I recently discovered.

I enjoy hanging out with fellow photography…mean…photography “enthusiasts”

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  1. Congrats on getting your photo used for guide!

    If you can believe it, there are not that many meetups between photographers here in Tokyo. I’m looking forward to more chances once I’m back in the U.S.

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