Web Host Forgiven – Problems Absolved

A few days ago I blogged about the problems with my web host I was having. Since then things have been worked out and after being contacted by the CEO of Site5 directly and I now fully understand what the problem was and now I am assured its over.

Why I was mad as hell

I was angry because my hosting service was offline for almost 3 days. I was in the dark and not knowly properly why my web server was offline other than being told it was a server migration error, that coupled with generic “robot-like” responses to my support requests which were few and far between, anxiety from having my websites offline and experiencing loss of and redirection of traffic to a site I didn’t know, fear of being penalized by search engines and the worse one was being repeatedly being assured that my server was back up only to find it still offline time and time again.

The Site5 CEO known only as Ben was very helpful and truly did all he could to help and then the error was properly explained in detail and I was offered proper compensation. Now I am happy but sad because I’ll have to retransfer most (but not all) of my sites and those of a few friends back to site5, which when it works properly is one of the best hosting providers.