Blog outage and Frustration with my Domain Registrar

After a little under 36 hours , my blog and all my other websites are now back online. For some strange, unproven reason my domain registrar (godaddy) disabled all my domains for suspected FRAUD! I have rarely been more angry and frustrated in my entire life, how can they just lock my account and disable websites for an unproven reason without even investigating or warning the customer? Now I realize that my problems with them are not over as they refunded my payments at the start of this issue but when they recharged and re-enabled my account the re-charged more money than they refunded!

Feeling like a second rate customer

Hours of buying phone cards and talking to their mainly stupid customer service reps have pissed me off mostly in this issue, because it seemed like because I was an international customer from Jamaica and seemingly because I am black and “unimportant” they treated me like I was some unintelligent ape! I seriously believe that this issue would have been rectified in half the time if I was some foul mouthed American threatening to shove a lawsuit of some sort up their *bleep*.

Overwhelming visitor Inquires

During the time was site was down I about 14 unique inquires about my blog via email and a couple more via instant messaging asking if my blog was down, if I was alive and well and even if I wanted to sell my domain name! If through all this I can look at something positive I can say that truly feel that I have a small sized community building around my blog and I am always happy to hear from my visitors and friends.

Entrecard promotion

Please remember about the 250 points giveaway in my entrecard promotion which is still going on and the winner will be drawn at random on January 8th, 2008, I have had 19 entries so far, hurry and enter if you haven’t already done so!

It’s 5am in the morning, I better go get what little sleep I can…I’ve got work in three and a half hours -_-. I have tones of posts lined up though, time to get the Jamaica, Japan, otaku, technology, music, gaming, sports and science juice flowing in this place again!