Loving my 2008 Pekochan Calendar gift

My blogging pal from Jdonuts sent me a 2008 Pekochan calendar 2 weeks ago all the way from Japan and I am happy to say it finally arrived. It arrived just before my blog outage issues so I was unable to post about it till now.

I love it and I have already added it to my little collection of Japan related gifts which include chopsticks, a headband and a Momotaro book from Tomoko sensei. I have to be defending it from various assaults from my younger sister though as she keeps trying to snatch the stickers that came with it. Thank you Contamination for such a great gift, now I feel compelled to send you something, but I don�t know what, any do you anything of particular interest from Jamaica?

He also made a hilarious “public service announcement” as the possible reasons I was MIA recently. All 5 of them are hilarious, with my favorite a tie between 1 and 2:

  1. A team of crack otaku ninjas abducted him and dragged him away to a secret laboratory in Akihabara.
  2. The domain has been damaged in a battle between Godzilla & Ultraman.
  3. All of the files were shared via winny in a Japanese Government data leak.
  4. There was an audit and it was found that Jamaipanese had under declared his taxes by the sum of ï¿¥4,000,000,000
  5. It was found out that Jamaipanese had been rigging bids for the construction and defense industry in Japan.
More on Jamaipanese.com:  Black Panther is the movie we need

Check out the full post at Jdonuts and leave a comment.


9 thoughts on “Loving my 2008 Pekochan Calendar gift

  1. I’m glad you like it! And I’m happy you enjoyed the community service announcement, I hope it reduced the email coming to you saying "what happened to your blog".

    What I want from Jamaica can’t come through the post. ;-)

    If your sister loves the stickers, maybe I can do something later…

  2. Jamaipanese,
    isn’t the stamps so cute. I am not a collector, but I made a point to buy stamps when I’m in Japan. Love my Doraemon stamp collection :-)

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