I saw Tomoko Sensei Today!…received a bag of goodies and failing grades

Which do I talk about in the post first…I wonder…lets start with the goodies! While idling at work today I remembered that I was supposed to meet Tomoko sensei today because she is back from Japan and I wanted to talk in person about my grades and the plans for next term. I called her up and 15 minutes later she was at my workplace and I went to meet her in the lobby downstairs. The first things I received was a bag of goodies filled with sweets, a bandana and my favourite gift of all a small red Japanese book called ももたろう (momotarou).


Immediatelyme and sensei started to read through the first couple pages (me rusty and reading slow while sensei pushing me along), very interesting book and I am looking forward to reading it through over the Christmas weekend.

After a few minutes of casual chat she popped out her folder with all the students grade and read me my grades of 40% on the written test and about 75% (not sure but I know it’s less that 80%). Will not even to bother to quote the average cuz it is obvious I failed.

We spoke a bit about plans for classes in January but nothing has been confirmed properly yet but we will be in touch early in the new year. I wished her a merry Christmas and all the best for the new year and so ended our little chat.

I then went up stairs with my ももたろう book in hand and started to search a bit online so I could learn a bit about the name and this is what I found on wikipedia.

Momotarō (桃太郎) is a hero from Japanese folklore. His tale is extremely well-known in Japan and East Asia. Literally meaning Peach Tarō, as Tarō is a common Japanese boy’s name, it is often translated as Peach Boy.

According to the present form of the tale (dating to the Edo Period), Momotarō came to earth inside a giant peach, which was found floating down a river by an old, childless woman who was washing clothes there. The woman and her husband discovered the child when they tried to open the peach to eat it. The child explained that he had been sent by Heaven to be their son. The couple named him Momotarō, from momo (peach) and tarō (eldest son in the family).

there is more but not going spoil it, I got to read it through and will post about it when I am done!

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  1. Oh, you are a student of Tomoko sensei!
    I haven’t met her in person, but we have mutual friends.

    Keep up the good work! Your blog is insightful!!

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