Seasons Greetings

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone who has been visiting this blog for the past few months a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2007. My holidays are and will be very different this year. Going out on the road tonight to walk the streets to with extra cash to pick up anything that catches my eye. Plan to be at home all day tomorrow and on Christmas I’ll be at my grandmother’s house with the rest of the family for dinner. No plans for boxing day yet, then I will back at work till new years eve when I plan to enjoy myself the most with a movie, then a party, then fireworks, then another party till morning. New Years day will be spend recovering because I have work bright and early the next morning and I have to start the year right.
Speaking of starting the new year right, I was actually testing out a new software to help me manage my finances better next year. Quicken is very popular and was kind of hard to understand at first but after a few hours of tinkering I understand it a lot better now.

I have received quite a few gifts already such as a really nice watch and cologne but my favourite gift so far is the one I got from my Japanese teacher.

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I will make a post about all my gifts and my new year’s resolutions next week, until then, enjoy your holidays!

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