Doraemon an Official Anime Ambassador

It’s no secret that Japan is a powerhouse in the animation industry and has been the leader long before it created the first feature length anime in 1958. Anime is now a permanent part of Japanese culture with shows covering every conceivable genre and topic. The Japanese government supports anime and the latest showing of support is making Doraemon the first ever anime ambassador of Japan. Anime is used to get the attention of foreigners which will hopefully get them interested enough about the country that they would want to learn more or even visit.

About Doraemon

Doraemon is a robotic cat from the future who travels back in time to aid a young boy. Although being a comedy the anime has many underlying lessons for it’s viewers such as the importance of being honest and from time to time it evens touches on important topics such as pollution and deforestation. Since first being created in 1969 Doraemon has been the recipient of many awards and has been most popular in Asian countries.

There will be more anime ambassadors appointed in the future, I can already imaging that Pickachu, Goku, the Gundams, Sailor Moon and many others are already putting aside their best outfits for the ceremony.

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Hi 5 to Leon for making me aware of this award ceremony.


15 thoughts on “Doraemon an Official Anime Ambassador

  1. Wow, this has some serious Sci-Fi to compete with the best of them.

    I even love the spoof of West Side Story

  2. The idea of Doraemon as some kind of cultural ambassador makes my head want to explode.

    These government officials have got to be joking, or high….

  3. Doraemon as an ambassador! I guess he’s one of the few anime characters that almost everyone knows. Even those who have no idea what Doraemon’s name is probably knows how he looks like!

  4. I would imagine that Doraemon is just a more astute version of Felix albeit way more technologically enhanced. Score one for international diplomacy.

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