Bought some Japanese study material

I haven’t been going to Japanese classes since January, I have been busy with work and too broke to pay for the classes. I have been studying and practicing more on my own though and although I try to post more about studying Japanese on my blog it’s always hard and time consuming because I have to ensure everything is researched properly and there are no errors. I will be posting more though as I have a couple drafts completed that only need the final touches.

After clearing my credit card bill for this month I decided that I needed some more Japanese study material, I went online to by a decent book and some flash cards before long I ended up buying 3 books some flash cards and a video game ^_^, yup a puzzle game to keep my brain exercised to I can memorize Japanese better…good excuse eh?…but I am serious.

Flashcards will be useful for practicing with my friends

I’ll be posting about the books and studying Japanese once they arrive which I hope will be within two weeks.

nothing to do with Japanese but I hear it’s a really good puzzle game


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8 thoughts on “Bought some Japanese study material

  1. I wanted those same exact cards. But I can’t afford them yet and my parents will think it is silly to want them and not buy them for me.

  2. Are the flash cards to remember the kana?

    If so this is a great site, with different scripts which is key, it’s not all pretty text book writing over here.


  3. @ Justin they are not very expensive, save ur allowance or lunch money or something, you can buy them on your own ^_^

    @ Tom…thanks for visiting and commenting you really are new here, I am a nintendo fan and i am already on my second DS

  4. All the best with your studies. Flash cards do help, I used to make my own when I was in collage and they helped when studying for exams.

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