Cosplay + English Classes = Cosplish

There is a brand new English Language school in Tokyo Japan that caters to the needs of Japanese otaku who want to learn English but may refuse to to take regular English classes for fear of being too different and not fitting in. Teachers and students of the school are encouraged to wear costumes of their favourite anime, manga and video game characters and the costume playing is an important part of getting the lesson across and understood by the students.

The school was started by Yohei Suzuki and in a recent interview with Reuters stated that “Otaku culture is taking over the world. Everybody reads manga now. So I thought Otaku people in Japan might be interested in Otaku culture outside Japan.”

Teaching English in Japan is a definite possibility in the future for me, being as big a geek as I am I still having trouble wrapping my mind around this idea…but, given the opportunity I’d at least try it ^_^. I am sure English Language students in Japan wouldn’t mind being taught by Iori Yagami or Kyo Kusanagi..right?

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10 thoughts on “Cosplay + English Classes = Cosplish

  1. I think you should at least try it. A few friends of mine went to Japan a few years ago and it worked out fabulously for them. Its an excellent opportunity which in light of your obvious interests can only work in your favour. Best of luck

  2. Well if the teacher is a female, looks like the one in your post and wear very revealing clothes sign me up! I’ll even do extra classes!

  3. Yay, getting introverted people to talk. Sounds like fun for all of 1 day.

    I could imagine people contemplating suicide after a week.

    Seriously, looks nice in the photo but probably sucks as a job.

  4. Some maid cafes in Akihabara have servers that verbally abuse the customers; Really popular places. The Cosplish gig might be a good one of this element were added.

  5. that is totally awesome.. i think id come at rock lee.. cheers buddy.. its been a while.. you’ll see me around.. you’re up on my friends link.. so its an easy click away.


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