Bleach Anime Movie: Memories of Nobody

Memories of Nobody is a movie based on the popular Bleach anime and manga. I recently started watching the bleach episodes in the right order and also decided to have a look at the movies released based on the anime. Memories of Nobody is the first Bleach movie and was released in December of 2006, first in Japan and then on DVD there the summer of last year. It was recently announced that the movie will be released in a limited amount of theatres in North America soon with the DVD following not long after.

About the film

Bleach: Memories of Nobody is headlined by the main hero in the series Kurosaki Ichigo and features popular characters from the series like Captain Hitsugaya, Rukia Kuchiki and my favourite character Kisuke Urahara. Unidentifiable blank spirits start to appear in Ichigo’s home town and he and Rukia Kuchiki goes to investigate only to run into a very skilled but unknown soul reaper named Senna. The story follows Ichigo’s investigation of Senna, the blank souls mysterious happenings and of course the sudden appearance of an evil gang. The story isn’t very good but is acceptable without being too corny.

What do I think about Memories of Nobody

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The movie is entertaining but lacks any great surprises, or as my friend say it, there are no scenes that make you go “Bumboclaat!” (Jamaican expletive). The bad guys were of the generic type, with a lame story and introduction but in the end we all know the heroes are going to win and then everybody will live happily until the next villain appears. It’s worth watching, just for watching it sake, just don’t expect too much.

The Second Bleach Movie: The DiamondDust Rebellion

The DiamondDust Rebellion was released in Japan in December of last year and seeing that there are no DVD releases as yet the subbed version of the film is yet to be released. Looking forward to watching this as soon as it is translated later in the summer.

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10 thoughts on “Bleach Anime Movie: Memories of Nobody

  1. I haven’t watched the Bleach movies yet but I’ll check them out soon.I really want to see the one where the focus is on Captain Hitsugaya. He is one of my favorite shinigamis!

  2. haven’t watched the movies yet. having trouble trying to finish the DVD collection of Bleach as it is. My fave is Captain Hitsugaya too!

    err… did you get my postcard. Sorry, didn’t have time to go to either Tokyo Central Post Office or Shinjuku’s (that’s where I usually buy the commemorative stamps), but hope you’ll like the postcard. :p

  3. I really should start watching this anime, but I can’t devote any extra time to catching up. Looks cool though.

  4. haha bomboclat.nice post. i have watched both can’t wait for the 3rd 1 that was release oct last year bleach movie 3 fade to black i call ur name.

  5. I really liked “Bleach: Memories of Nobody” a lot. It has all the humour, action, and sheer weirdness of the series and all the characters are there. How does it fit into the timeline of the series? Beats me. Worked for me just the same. The animation was top rank and the story was (for me, anyway) touching. Speaking as a North American, I feel sad this series is disappearing from North American stations. Economic times are a lot worse than they’re saying and that probably accounts for a lot. All the same, it’s angering how the stations carrying “Bleach” handled the matter of dropping the series in such a bone-headed, ignorant, and high-handed way, revealing the full measure of their contempt for their audience. Feh to all of them! Look at this and shed a tear for what is passing, friends…Greg Cameron, Surrey, B.C., Canada

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