Operation Visit Japan – March 2011 Report

Just over fifteen months ago on January 18th, 2010 I announced a plan that would see me starting to take some important steps that would allow me to visit Japan in the Summer of 2011. I named the plan Operation Visit Japan and it focused on the financial challenge visiting Japan is for someone like me. So many of my friends, family, regular readers and total strangers threw their support behind me, whether it was through donations, inspiring messages or various suggestions. Although writing this monthly update is usually an event that has me giddy with excitement, this month that happiness is somewhat diluted by the terrible, earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan on March 11th and then the resulting nuclear radiation crisis that is still ongoing even now.

The trip must go on

I have been continuing to follow updates on the Japan disaster in the media especially at it relates to the nuclear radiation levels and the continued issues with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. At first I worried that my trip will be in jeopardy but I have decided that seeing that my trip is still a few months away (end of August) I know things in North-east Japan will improve by then. Below is another poster done by my pal Micheal “freestyle” Thompson and posted to Flickr.

March 2011 Report

The usual $100 saving from my salary plus $125 from net advertising earnings for the first quarter of 2011 added to the totals from January 2010February 2010March 2010April 2010May 2010June 2010July 2010August 2010September 2010October 2010November 2010December 2010January 2011 and February 2011 you get $3035 which means I have reached (and surpassed) the $3000 goal! That means air fare, train pass and cheap accommodation is now covered, so between now and the day I leave all I have to worry about is misc expenses and spending money!

“Pre-Japan” Video series coming

Operation Visit Japan has now entered the second stage, as I now get all the funds together from paypal and my personal account all together into the special account I opened for Operation Visit Japan when it just started in January 2010. Then it’s on to my Japan visa application, the US visa application, then finalizing, accommodations, then plane tickets, then counting down the seconds in each day til Japan. Look out for a special Youtube video and a new mini “pre-Japan” video series I am brainstorming. Follow me on twitter and subscribe to Jamaipanese.com on Youtube to stay up to date!