Operation Visit Japan – February 2011 Report

Over the months that Operation Visit Japan has be underway I have gone from feeling tingly inside, to bouncing around in my chair to now wanting to do adrenaline fuel somersaults. Its that time again to write up an update on how the savings are going for Operation Visit Japan and now I can breathe a sigh of relief as I can see the US$3,000 goal in sight. I have been successfully holding back the habit of spending many hours at a time researching places to stay at, things to in and flights to get to and from Japan.

I swear I have lost entire days at work sometimes and whole nights of sleep looking at travel related resources that deal with Japan. One thing saving for a trip to Japan has made me realize is that if I hadn’t gotten serious and started when I did it would be much harder to start now. It’s not that I have lost interest but I have noticed that the value of us$100 which I save from my salary each month is much different in value from just over a year ago as just about every bill or other expense I had then has increased while my salary hasn’t.

If only I owned a GN Archer mobile suit, I wouldn't have to buy plane tickets!

February 2011 Report

The usual $100 saving from my salary plus $15 from a family friend when added to the totals from January 2010February 2010March 2010April 2010May 2010June 2010July 2010August 2010September 2010October 2010November 2010December 2010 and January 2011 you get $2810 or 94% of the $3000 goal!

Thanks as usual for your support, I am almost over the financial hurdle and I will detail other processes I have to go through before I arrive in Japan in late summer.