Operation Visit Japan – June 2010 Report

Another month is coming to an end and it’s time for the monthly report on how things are going for Operation Visit Japan. It has now been six months since the operation has commenced and I cannot be more satisfied with how things have been progressing. I got a real confidence boast this month when a few people I met for the first time at the Jamaica Pegasus Tweetup held recently who had been following my blog wished me luck on my plan to visit Japan.

The ongoing FIFA World Cup in South Africa has kept me busy and entertained for the past couple weeks. Unfortunately Japan was knocked out of the tournament by Paraguay but at this time of the post 4 of the five teams I predicted could win the world cup including my favourite team Argentina have made it to the quarter finals! One of my only sources of temptation came from E3 2010 and I couldn’t resist making a top 10 list of games I wish to play in the future that I saw at E3 this year. But anyway, enough of my incessant rambling time to get into the meat of the matter on the June 2010 Report for Operation Visit Japan.

June 2010 Report

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$35 dollars in donations via the Chipin widget plus my usual $100 savings from my monthly salary means that $135 has been added to the fund. Add that to the totals from January, February, March, April and May bring the grand total to $1205 or 40% of the $3000 goal!

June Donor List

The donation widget on my site finally got some love after lying idle for a while. A huge thank you for those who have donated via the widget this past month and for those who are thinking about it or want to donate to Operation Visit Japan may use the Chipin widget embedded above or in the sidebar. If you donรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt use paypal and want to donate some other way feel free to contact me and you and your blog or website (if you have one) can be listed here in the July 2010 report.

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