Top 10 Games that Caught my Eye at E3 2010

The 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo has come and gone. The world cup is swallowing up everything else happening right now but I managed to check out the press conferences and Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and the major third party publishers in between matches. After devouring a crap load of trailers and announcements I plucked out a list of the 10 games I am most excited about playing when they get released. I’ve listed them below in order of preference.

10. Gears of War 3

The Gears of War series is very dear to my heart and out of all the series born in this current console generation I have played Gears of War 1 and 2 the most. For me the system link multiplayer aspect of Gears of War has been thoroughly enjoyed at a local video game arcade and I look forward to dismembering my friends in the final entry into this epic game series.

9. Kid Icarus

I barely have any memory of the first Kid Icarus game for the NES but I do know it was created by the same person who did Metroid. The Metroid series has grown while Kid Icarus has been left behind. It’s good to know that it is about to change and I look forward to playing this on the new Nintendo 3DS.

8. Dead Space 2

I have played some scary games in my time, Resident Evil and the Silent Hill series quickly come to mind but in my opinion no game is as scary as Dead Space, it fact it was so scary I couldn’t complete the first game! The necromorphs look bigger and badder and I’m sure the game will be scarier, lets hope I survive more than the first 5 hours before dropping the controller and retreating to something less scary like a  FIFA football game.

7. Yakuza 4

Yakuza is a video game series that I’ve always wanted to play but never had access to. I came close to acquiring Yakuza 3 but decided against it when I read that a lot of the “quirky” Japan themed content, mini-games and side-quests were cut out of the western release. Yakuza 4 will not be watered down and will come with the entire game dialogue in Japanese, I’d like to think of it has Japanese language study material, ^_^, right?

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6. Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong Country is another of Nintendo’s golden series which has not seen a new game in a long while. Next to the early Mario games Donkey Kong Country is one of the most enjoyable and accessible  platforming game series and I am happy with what I am seeing so far from the early trailers. Hoping that most of the cast from the DK universe make it into the game.

5. Final Fantasy XIV Online

Final Fantasy XI is the first MMO I ever played but it came out at a time when I really didn’t have access to a steady high-speed internet connection and my home PC could barely run it so I had to resort to going over to a friend’s house on weekends to play. That isn’t the best way to play a MMO and pretty soon my sluggish progress made me lose interest. With FFXIV though I have a chance to play it as soon as it gets out, frequently and on a capable computer, can’t wait.

4. Star Wars The Old Republic

For someone into RPGs I am still searching for a MMORPG that I can play for more than a few sittings before losing interest. Star Wars The Old Republic is a game I have been following since it was first announced and I devour every piece of story update, character news and trailer that is released related to the game. It has been delayed unfortunately but the trailer from E3 2010 only quadrupled my interest.

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3. Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo is a series dear to my heart, since the first game I have been following the series but Gran Turismo 5 has been coming for so long I thought is would never arrive! It has finally been given a release date and the gear head in me cant wait to play with the extremely long list of cars that will be available in this game.

2. Metroid Other M

Samus Aran is my video game wife, if she wasn’t busy traveling the galaxy we’d have settled down and had a few kids by now but alas when your wife is a galactic super hero there are certain compromises that have to be made. Little is know about Samus in her early years and this is where Metroid Other M comes in. The trailers at E3 really show how the game retains it’s core while introducing some new gameplay elements.

1. Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal Black is to me one of the best games released on the Playstation 2, out of all the games revealed at E3 2010 Twisted Metal was the biggest surprise and the only game that made me jump out of my chair and then shout, and I quote –  “Sweet tooth, Doll Face, oh my God, cigar, missile, ice-cream truck, FIRE!”. That’s a sensation I like to describe as a geekgasm, check out the trailer that caused it below.

What are the games you saw at E3 2010 that you are most excited about?


12 thoughts on “Top 10 Games that Caught my Eye at E3 2010

  1. Good list. I was looking forward to the last gaurdian but that was a no show. Twisted Metal for 1 is on point, but i think Gears and Zelda should have followed close behind.

    oh and red faction for the win!

      1. Indeed “unfortunately”.

        What about “Mask of Majora”?! Only one of the best in the LofZ series and one of the most innovative games I’ve played. “Wind Waker” was awesome times too and I have two special places in my heart for Oracle of Ages and Seasons.

        Hmm, sounds like I might be a tad bit biased…

  2. Maybe they’d be too outdated for your tastes if you can tolerate them, both Yakuza and Yakuza 2 were fun! We’re lucky to get Yakuza 3 at all because the first two games did so poorly commercially, so in spite of it’s cuts I plan to pick it up to support the development of future titles.

  3. Hey you seem like one of the best person to ask. I’m also a Jamaican who is also a Japan enthusiastic and I heard about a Japan anime cosplay event at UWI on Saturday coming thats the 10th of July. I’m just wondering how true this is.

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