Anime Nation – Exhibition and Costume Rave

There aren’t many Japan related events that take place in Jamaica so you can imagine my surprise when my Twitter pal Wendy sent me a message about an Anime Exhibition and Costume Rave to take place in Jamaica next month. My surprise turned to excitement when I realized how well planned the event was presented by a Embassy of Japan in Jamaica with support from the “JA Cosplayaz” Facebook group – created by locals who are interested in anime, manga, cosplay and video games.

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Flyer for the Event

About Anime Nation Japanese Anime Exhibition and Costume Rave

The Anime Nation Japanese Anime Exhibition and Costume Rave will take place on July 10th 2010 at the Students Union of the University of the West Indies stating at 7pm. The event will have two fazes as earlier in the evening the focus will be on highlighting and promoting local artists whose artwork has been influenced by anime. While at the after party the cosplayers are expected to come out dressed in costumes influenced by their favourite anime and manga characters in a party that starts from 9pm onwards.

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About JA Closplayaz

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JA Cosplayaz is an online group geared towards all anime, manga, video game and movie fans in Jamaica who have always wanted to dress up or do cosplay. The upcoming event and the group as a whole aims to:

  • Expose Japanese Culture
  • Encourage cultural tolerance and acceptance
  • Encourage Networking
  • Exhibit Jamaican artists’ creations related to Japanese art and animation
  • Highlight Japanese fashion

I Will be there!

No surprise there huh? How can I be a Jamaican interested in Japan and not be present! I am not sure I’ll be cosplaying but I do have a couple anime related hats like Urahara Kisuke’s green and white hat and Naruto’s nighttime hat that I could wear. Looking forward to taking lots of pictures  like I did at the Japanese calendar exhibition earlier this year and maybe even videos if I can manage to borrow a decent camcorder. So if you in Jamaica and reading this be sure to come out, the event is FREE. Everybody else follow my updates on Twitter and Facebook and lets make this event a success.

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JA Cosplayaz group on Facebook


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  1. I’m pretty sure I saw you!! I had a “I know him!” moment. Didn’t come up and say hi though. Hope you had a good time too [japan] !

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