Japanese Culture and Calendar Exhibition 2010

Yesterday I had the opportunity to  attend the Japanese Culture and Calendar Exhibition 2010. This is the almost identical event I attended last year but this year instead of selling the Calendars for Charity attendees were invited to participate in various games, activities and quizzes in order to win a 2010 Japanese Calendar.

The event was held at the Soverign Centre in Liguanea

I was accompanied by my now nendoroid loving girlfriend and at the end of the event we won 3 calendars. One for successfully completing an origami challenge, one for attaching the eyes, nose and mouth to a face made out of cardboard while being blindfolded called Fuku Warai and the final one I won by successively explaining what a Geisha is and what she does, not without nervously plugging the url to my blog of course after being asked about myself and why I am interested in Japan by the very energetic and friendly presenter.

Many Japanese kinds of Japanese cuisine was on show

I was recognized

I ran into many Japanese friends and local fans of Japanese culture I had not seen in a while at the exhibition. I also met quite a few new people and was pleasantly surprised to be recognized by a few people who who are familiar with my blog and twitter ramblings. Hi5 to Wendy (ChineseOtaku on Twitter), Karen, Rico, Eriko and the other persons I limed with and/or was introduced to.

Karen (right) and her Japanese friend pose for the camera

Karen the Superstar

Of all the new people I met Karen (seen above) was the most friendly. She is a longtime follower of my blog who was able to almost tell me post for post about everything I have blogged about in the last 2 or 3 years and she is a big fan of my writing style and humorous posts. She demanded her photo be taken and posted on my blog and with a such a beautiful smile how could I refuse? Turns out she works at the Japanese embassy which is on the same building the government slavery plantation I am assigned to is located so I look forward to linking up with her again.

Rico Art on display – more on her in a future interview

Calendar Language Lesson and Injection

I got a super idea for a future blog post using the new Japanese calendars I acquired. Look out for that post in a week or two. An event like this was the perfect injection of inspiration I needed at the beginning of Operation Visit Japan. By the next event in 2011 I’ll be about 6 moths away from being in Japan! Lots more photos from the event below for your viewing pleasure.

Any chance this kind of fashion catching on in Jamaica?

Looks real doesn’t it?

Would love to see these guys flowing in the wind

Origami folding landed me my first calendar and a gift for my younger sister

I failed at this game no wonder I can’t remember it’s name

Detailed explanations for sushi and soba noodles – preparing to lose my sushi virginity

Though a tiny event the turnout was great

The event was held in the center of an indoor mall

View from the floor above

Plastic food never looked so good