Nagi Nendoroid Figure

After dipping into the nenodoroid bucket last year and coming up with Death Note’s L I decided to try and cut through the cute and try an find a second nenodroid that didn’t top the adorable charts. The quest was unsuccessful as the very nature of nendos is to radiate cute so I decided to grab Nagi, a character from Kannagi: Crazy Anime Shrine Maidens which is an anime series I enjoyed.

The Gift of Nenoroid Love

You know you are a geek when you give your girlfriend a nendoroid for Christmas – those were the exact words for one of my tweets in December when I decided to to give Nagi to my other half as I continue with my task of assimilating her into my geekdom. I’ve already married her off to Mario and she has been lusting after Chibi Gundam Astra Gold so I thought Nagi would be the perfect girlified gift for her as I prefer my anime girls with weapons, a killer attitude and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Yoko Littner is one female character that fits that description, no wonder she is the most expensive figure I own.

Nagi’s first performance after being unwrapped

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Accessories and farewell

Nagi comes with quite a few spare arms for posing, along with a mic, her signature wand, a spare left leg and various facial expressions. slixy. He clear stand is bland but well made, so far nothing is better than L’s cool red chair – I forgot to pose them together. Wishing Nagi a nice life with her testosterone powered new owner, may she treat you nice and keep you safe.

She not only sings, she dances!

My Evil Post

Funny how this is my 666th blog post, could Nagi be evil or maybe it’s the recipient of the gift? ^^ Just in case I’ll put Astraea in charge of room guard duty tonight or maybe even longer, at least until blogpost number 667 pops out. Enjoy a couple more pictures of Nendoroid Nagi below.

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Maybe she saw something in crowd? Or maybe it’s indigestion?

Side view showing off her ribbon and boots

She waves goodbye as she leaves with her new owner


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  1. It’s Jan 13 and it’s your 666th post, yet it’s one of the cutest things you posted, haha.. Kawaii… The Devil [evil] is defeated [jamaica]

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