Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens

It’s been  a long while since I’ve watched an anime outside of my favourite genres. I usually watch mainly sci-fi, action, historical, comedy or fantasy anime but usually stay clear of the extra cute, perverted, romance, bright and chirpy stuff. I searched around looking to try something “different” and found Kannagi which I’ll describe as a perverted fantasy comedic romance drama.

Cast and Story

Nagi is some kind of ancient goddess who wakes up after being carved in wood by a high school student named Jin who decides to take her into his home. Tsugumi is a longtime friend of Jin who disguises her true feelings for him by acting as his guardian. Zange is the mischievous younger sister of Nagi who is also a goddess. Daitetsu, Meguru, Shino and Takako are members of an art club at school that Jin recently joined.

Kannagi starts well but somehow gets lost midway through the series, some episodes just make no sense and the story falls apart close to the end and before you know it the series is over. I love the artwork as well as the cast, the series is genuinely funny (and perverted) at times, and I think that’s the reason I managed to watch it in it’s entirety. I just wish the story flowed better and after a decent start the main plot was thrown aside and seemed like a sidestry by the time it was close to the end. It’s definately worth a watch though if you are into this kinda of anime.

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