Japanese Economy Stimulus – Free Money

Next to the United States of America, Japan’s economy has taken a massive hit and continues to nosedive almost everyday with no end in sight. The governing Liberal Democratic Party headed Prime Minister Taro Aso have undertaken a novel idea: Give away money to citizens and as they spend it the economy will receive the spark it needs to begin moving upwards again.

Taro Aso – Prime Minister of Japan

Just how much money are we taking about?

More than 2 Trillion Yen is expected to be handed out, that’s over 20 billion US dollars. Each individual applicant will be given ¥12,000 and those who are 18 or younger or 65 or older will receive an additional ¥8,000.

Some people  think  its a great idea, most think it’s wasteful. I have no opinion really as I don’t understand the intricacies of the plan, I just wish I could have been in Japan right now to get a free wad of cash to spend as even registered foreigners currently legally residing in Japan can line up for their handout.

Just in case you were wondering

12000 yen in just over 10500 Jamaican dollars. I have lost a few minutes of my life dreaming about what I could buy with that money, but alas, none for me -_-

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