Death Note: L Nendoroid Figure

I’ve not blogged about Death NoteΒ  here on a my blog many times but the Death Note series is one of my favorite anime shows and I enjoyed the movie. I discovered it not long after starting this blog and my first official splurge on anime merchandise was in the form of a Death Note notebook and “L” necklace, both of which has been stolen by my girlfriend. The notebook has been contaminated with all kinds of girly stickers and transformed into estrogen oozing diary of sorts. Fear not my otaku brethren for I shall defend my latest treasure from the Death Note universe with my very own life-sized Heavy Arms Kai if I have to. Its not exactly a “new” release but alas I have acquired the first of what I hope to be many nendoroids; meet L.

one of the many expressions of L, he looks like he is up to something

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This Nendoroid was first released in late 2007 and re-released a few months later. Its the one I’ve had my eyes on the longest and although it might be old and dated now I still had to get it. Not really a fan of overly cute (unless I like the character – Mio-chan *drooooool*) or scantily clad figurines like some other more experienced figure collectors. I have already ordered a super secret figure that has been delayed but should be arriving any day now so look out for that. More pictures below.

no I don’t think it’s a blackberry

Character description

L is the best detective in the world and fated rival of main character Light Yagami. With a smiling, surprised and pouting face, not to mention his signature chair, Nendoroid L is perfectly suited to reproducing any scene from the TV show in ridiculously cute proportions. Check out the movie Death Note the Last Name if you are unable to watch the anime.

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L’s “what the f*ck” look

The first thing L started to do when I introduced myself was to start reading my blog

I think he accidentally sat on the TV remote -_-

Want more? Check out Jonas’ Miku Nendoroid he picked up not long ago. Do you have any nendoroids, gunpla or any other type of figure? I’d love to see them so leave a comment with a link to your pictures!


10 thoughts on “Death Note: L Nendoroid Figure

  1. As you know, I’m an anime figures fan. [angel]
    Well, L is one of my all time favorite characters, but I haven’t yet published pictures with him. Speaking of Nendoroids, I also have Yoshika Miyafuji (Strike Witches), Nagi (Kannagi) and Miku (picture here – btw, Jonas’ Nendoroid is not Miku, is Kagami (Lucky Star) cosplaying Miku) and I’m currently waiting for Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji).

    But my latest passion consists in Nendoroid Puchi, here’s my collection.

    I also have some interesting Gundams [anime]… and a lot of other figures… but this comment is getting too long… [smile]

  2. I’ve seen this nendoroid at my local anime/manga store, pretty cool but nothing for me as I’m not a fan of Death Note. And yes, my nendoroid is Kagami cosplaying Miku, but she still looks more like Miku so that’s what I call her^^

  3. Odd, but I missed this post earlier and just noticed it when I joined your spiffy Facebook group.

    I watched all three Death Note movies back-to-back one day. That was awesome :)

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