My Awesome Yoko Littner Figure

Yoko Littner is the female lead in the action packed anime I reviewed not along ago called Gurren Lagann. She is strong willed and quite capable in battle making her an instant favourite of mine as I can’t stand worthless female leads in anime. She joins Balsa from Guardian of the Sacred Spirit and Teresa from Claymore on my list of female anime characters that I like, it’s not a coincidence that they all carry large weapons, can kick the asses of almost any character in their respective anime series and are very easy on the eyes.

Of all the angles I took a picture of Yoko from this one is my favourite

I fell in love with the 1/8 scale Yoko Littner figure from the minute I browsed into the unpainted preview model many months ago and pre-ordered it weeks before it’s official release last month. My coming soon to a Jamaipanese near you post was my bottled up excitement overflowing with the news that Yoko was at the post office needing to be picked up, but alas due to an incompetent postal system and retarded customs officers it was a complicated process to get her home. This Yoko PVC figure is my first non gunpla or nenodroid figure. My Mecha Legs or Boot Legs poll pictures was from me fiddling around with the lighting low tech setup created specially for Yoko’s photo shoot made from construction paper, clothes pins, a mop, a busted lamp and flashlight among other things. Read more about that “learning experience” on my photo blog. I am somewhat satisfied with the pictures, so take a look at some of the better ones below, read more of my ramblings and I welcome your comments and feedback on the pictures.

Love the detail on her shorts, belt and removable pistol

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Photography Lesson

Buying my Gundam figures online and importing them was far less time consuming as they were delivered to my house or at the post office nearby. Taking pictures of my Gunpla was also easier but for Yoko I decided to go all out with light manipulation and all and I really learned a lot about table top photography.

Nice detail on her rifle scope under her hair

First PVC Figure

Being my first PVC anime figure I was very impressed by the size and detail of it. I had never seen anything like this before and I was a little nervous about the investment as I could buy 5 1/144 scale Gundam figures for the price of this 1/8 scale Yoko Littner figure from Alter. It’s so expensive that I doubt I can afford to be addicted right now to collecting these kind of figures but will try to buy 1 every couple months that showcase anime or video game characters I really like.

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Yoko from up top, see the weathering effect on her coat?

A new Gunpla figure arrived a couple days ago so look out for that post in the coming weeks as unlike my recent Gunpla purchases this one is not from the Gundam OO series. For now enjoy even more pictures of Yoko below.

Boots, Booty and Pistol. Voted in this poll yet?

Yoko from the front. I just love her busted up coat

Her rifle from another angle

More detail on her belt and mid section

My second favourite shot where I selectively focused on the nozzle of her rifle

Being the only female in the group Yoko is quite popular with the boys.
Seravee, Astraea, Chibi Exia, and L all join in at the end of her photoshoot.


7 thoughts on “My Awesome Yoko Littner Figure

  1. It’s a superb figure, congratulations! [smile]
    And you made a lot of excellent photos, I love the close-ups! But… hmm… something is missing… there are several close-ups with her *mid section*, but no closeup with her… face… [tongue]

  2. Cool figurine… hmmm… if only we had a shrinkifier (or for that matter a biggifier)… hours of fun then with a 1:1 sizing. ?;`)

    Great photos… love the rifle nozzle shot… hell.. they’re all great.

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