Gurren Lagann – Anime Review

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is an awesome futuristic high action mecha themed action anime. I have always wanted to watch this anime since it premiered a few years ago but finally managed to watch the entire 27 episodes of Gurren Lagann properly over the past few weeks in between spring and summer 2009 anime that caught my interest. Gurren Lagann easily makes my 10 ten favourite anime list.

Gurren Lagann

The story evolves around Simon a teen-aged digger who is forced to live underground by oppressive beast men. With the help of his friend Kamina and the very voluptuous Yoko  they manage to escape a difficult life underground and start their quest to free the people of their planet  from the vile beast men and their leader Lord Genome. The story develops into an out of this world experience in which the main characters start out as nobodies but end up fighting wars on the other side of the galaxy but I’m trying not to spoil too much.

Kamina is the definition of arrogance or confidence depending on how you look at it.

Gurren Lagann is split into two major story arcs which is kinda cool especially with a synopsis episode slapped right in the middle. Personally I preferred the first arc though although I can’t say why because I’d spoil a major element in the story for those who haven’t watched it yet. All I can say is that the life of the anime went missing and trying to replace him with a copycat in the later half of the anime just frustrated me more.

Yoko is my third wife after Teresa and Balsa

Remember whats coming soon to a Jamaipanese near you? Detailed post and pictures coming soon! Now go watch Gurren Lagann if you haven’t already done so and leave a comment telling me what you think.

Meet Guren, he’d kick the stuffing out of Exia with his eyes closed

I’m a sucker for anime females with large weapons

Lots and lots of battles involving Mecha

Watch the anime to see what they all are looking at