Interesting Spring 2009 Anime

It’s new anime season once again and for the last few months I have been keeping touch with all new the anime that are set to premiere or continue and this post has been a draft slowly built on over time. Everyone has different tastes for anime so there area crap load of genres and art styles. I find my idle time time being increasingly shortened as of late and with my recent Japanese drama interest anime watching time is now split in two. We are already in April so spring in in full swing and below are some of the anime I am looking forward to watching over the next couple of months just from watching trailers, looking at artwork and considering previous work from the studios.


Valkyria Chronicles: Gallian Chronicles – It’s in 1930’s Europe and no surprise there is war between two great empires, what are they fighting over? A small neutral country right between them. I don’t know why but I am addicted to anything based on Europe at war and I know a saw a video game trailer based on this anime a while back.


Queens Blade – The country needs a new queen! What do you do? Gather mostly scantily clad women from far and wide to fight over the crown and the right to be ruler. The last woman alive or didn’t flee wins. Simple enough, I think I’ll watch.


Sengoku Basara – It’s in the fantasy genre with feudal lords, waring states, bright shiny lights, chaos and lots of bloodshed is promised plus I like the art style.


Guin Saga – Medieval fantasy, more war, demons, what looks like a princess and a main character that reminds me of King from Tekken plus I don’t really know why but I think this anime is worth at least a trial watch.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – It’s a new Full Metal Alchemist anime series FULL STOP no explanation necessary.


Shangri-La – This anime is like the wildcard choice from 3 other anime that I kind of thought would be interested but this one came out slightly on top and when I read that story involved global warming turning Tokyo into a tropical city I was sold.

I still will sample everything

Not all these anime are guaranteed to be subbed for my watching pleasure but I hope most if not all of them will be. I will watch at least the first episode of some of the other new anime that didn’t make this short list so who knows maybe something not on this list will tickle my fancy and end up being enjoyed and thus reviewed by me. Dragon Ball Z has been remastered, re-dubbed and will be released as Dragon Ball Kai – it seems there are a few more billion dollars still to be made from the franchise.