The Tokyo VR Project Discontinued?

A year and a half ago I blogged about a project that was underway to create an online VR recreation of Tokyo using 360 degree panoramic pictures of places all over the city. It seems that since that time there has been little or no updates to the project for a while. I have shot off an email to the site owners but have gotten no response so far.

tokyo-at-nightOne of the VR photos available through the site

Translate their blog for me!

The Tokyo VR blog is located here but my kindergarden level Japanese is still nowhere near being able to translate any of their posts. Could someone who reads this who understand Japanese translate their blog and let me know via a comment or through though my contact page what is happening with the project?

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asakusaSome of the images such as this one in Asakusa even have recorded audio

shibuya-emptyShibuya – I wonder how they managed to take this shot of one of the b
usinest places in Tokyo without an people in the photo

I really hope the project hasn’t been shelved. I will post an update if/when someone translate their blog for me.

Tokyo VR Homepage


8 thoughts on “The Tokyo VR Project Discontinued?

  1. Well, to be fair. Google, has already done the majority of the work for them.

    Also, I just noticed that when you go to Streetview in Tokyo instead of a man you get Godzilla!


    1. Godzilla? link me to that streetview page so I can take a look! I don’t think Streetview has done their job completely as they have pictures that are of a much higher quality, at night, some with sound and even underground!

  2. Hello. I’m Japanese.

    I am not good at English, but I’ll do my best.

    Tokyo VR project has already ended.
    Because the company that executed the project has gone bankrupt two years ago.
    but, information that it is likely to restart is in Japan.

    Excuse me if I talk bluntly.

    1. thank you for your help, I understood you clearly and you were not blunt.

      I really hope it can be restarted, it is unfortunate that this project ended.


  3. It is unfortunate that the Tokyo VR Project ended, but it was not the end of high quality virtual panoramas in Tokyo. Tokyo VR Studio has started a new project with similar goals at

    Our recently created blog contains informal event and fun location photography for a peek at life in Tokyo

    Our personal blogs also feature panoramas around Tokyo and Asia

    Again, we are not the same company, but we are trying to carry on the spirit of the Tokyo VR Project. We will be updating continually, so please check back.

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