BBC website offers a touch of Japanese

I recently surfed into an unexpected but interesting and very useful Japanese learning resource on the BBC website called A Touch of Japanese. Don’t expect a zillion pages of learning material, but the few pages and examples (with audio) there are very useful for a basic Japanese lesson that can be completed in one sitting. Of course I was beaming from ear to ear because I understood the dozen or so Japanese words and phrases on the site which is mainly focused on introductions, useful phrases, good manners and facts about Japan.

touch-0f-japan-bbcLook! a Japanese couple!

There is a great interactive Japanese challenge on the site that puts you in the shoes of a traveler to Japan and asks you to imagine you arrive at the airport, equipped with a print-out of your Internet booking for your stay at a ryokan and have to use a few few Japanese phrases to interact with people as you try to find your way to the inn.

A Touch of Japanese – A beginners’ guide to the language

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8 thoughts on “BBC website offers a touch of Japanese

  1. Thanks for the resource! The BBC has some really good language learning stuff, but I wish they’d beef up their Japanese section a little more… all in good time I’m sure.

  2. I saw a great documentary on the Japanese work place last night. Seems as though the BBC has a ‘hidden Japan’ season going on, so we’re getting a lot of this sorta stuff. Check out and bbc4 for more.

    1. Wow I searched around on the BBC site and found some interesting programs, too bad I can’t watch online from my location. When I get home I’ll check to see if any of the BBC channels I get via cable will show any of these.

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