Twouble with Twitters Hilarious Video

For the last few days almost everyone has been tweeting about and linking to a hilarious video on Youtube called Twouble with Twitters. I swear this video is addictive like crack but funny as hell (well on second thought, hell isn’t funny), I find myself watching it over and over and over again. I haven’t been addicted to a video this much since Gladys Kingston’s jobcenter antics.

The video explains how twitter works pretty nicely too and makes fun of us twits but who cares twitter is cool and I invite you to follow me on twitter, sign up for an account and prepare to be assimilated. ^^

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My favourite tweet from video

“I just connected my bing bong to my flurp flop with a new RSS twinckle I wrote” – watch the video to understand, it will only eat 4 minutes and 27 seconds of your life. Email subscribers will have to click here to view embedded video.


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  1. I post to Twitter occasionally, but particularly like Twitter Search. I find it incredible that you can instantly connect with people all over the world doing or thinking the same as you at that very moment in time!

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