Gladys Kingston cracks me up

This video is one of my favourite videos. It might be difficult to understand but I think it’s hilarious. The Little Miss Jocelyn series was referred to me by a friend who migrated to the United Kingdom, but since watching a few episodes and clips on Youtube I can’t stop watching this skit. It cheers me up when I am sad and no matter how many times I watch it I can’t stop laughing.

Gladys Kingston – an old Jamaican woman who is going through a divorce because her husband cheated on her. This makes her hate men or anyone of the male gender, whether young or old.

Do you think it’s funny? and if so what is your favourite line?

Little Miss Jocelyn information on Wikipedia

3 thoughts on “Gladys Kingston cracks me up

  1. thats truly how I see my inlaws… lol…. lmao…. sorry… but the truth cracks me up…

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