Dead New PC Stress

For the last few days I have been a miserable, depressed, unproductive wreck….why? A brand new PC I spend months buying parts for doesn’t work anymore after only working for a few days. Prepare yourself for a rambling post.

…and to think I was taking pics for “New Gaming Rig” post for my video game blog

Last year after returning home from my month long trip to the States my home desktop PC was dead. I wasn’t so sad because I knew that it was a very old rig pieced together with old and new parts with some like a 15inch CRT monitor and a hardrive almost 7 years old. Over the years I had upgraded a few things and using my knowledge of building and repairing PCs I somehow manage to keep it working……barely so I thought that it would be the best time to just squat of my sister’s fairly new laptop for a few months while I slowly buy what I need online and import the parts for my new (super, fast and super cool) gaming rig.

Fast forward 6 months and a couple hundred US dollars later and I have acquired 90% of what I need to build my new PC including a super fast, processor, lots of memory and a very capable graphics card. My monthly paycheck in January arrived a little early and I grabbed an LCD monitor and computer case locally. Putting the PC together was a snap and it worked like a charm innitially although I noticed it got a little hot when doing certain CPU heavy tasks.

Used the PC for most of last weekend without a problem and shut down fine Sunday night, went to work Monday came home and the PC wouldn’t boot, no response when power button pressed at all. Troubleshooting the problem I though the motherboard was dead. Replaced it the following day but still no response and then I realized that is wasn’t the mobo but the PSU. Replaced that the next day and finally had power and thought my worries were over. Now after extensive testing I realize that the old motherboard is indeed bad and so is the processor….why? when the PSU died my mobo and processor were killed as well!

So now I am PC less (again) and have to rebuild my squatter shack on my Sister’s laptop until the end of February when I will be able to replace the processor. I am sure it’s the processor because I tested the new mobo with everything and a friend’s processor and it works fine.

2009 hasn’t been kind to me with my web hosting woes and now dead “new” PC, right now I am just trying to clear my mind and look forward to a photography link-up with friends on Sunday. February will be a loooooong month.