Pictures from My Trip in June

One month flew by fast and my trip to the states is over. I took a lot of pictures and could have taken much much more if I hadn’t misplaced my camera’s battery charger and so was without the use of my cam for almost 2 weeks. I enjoyed myself and was almost never home bored. Check out some of the pictures from my trip below, higher quality and more “scenic” pictures are being uploaded to my flickr account often. SOrry for the low quality of the pictures had to adjust their size and quality so they load easier.

Manhattan New York

Smithsonian Museum Washington DC

Me, My Sister and Brother at my sister’s Birthday Party

Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean

International Spy Museum Tickets

Verona Park New Jersey

I stayed in one of these while in Culpeper Virginia

Seafood Dinner…City Island Bronx New York

Browse through many more photos in the United States 2008 folder of the photo gallery.


7 thoughts on “Pictures from My Trip in June

  1. Wow, what a BIG bunch of photos.

    Welcome back! I look forward to more updates.

    That old guy in the first photo was giving you a strange look. Did you go to the GoDaddy offices and give them a beating?

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