The only Web Analytics Tool you will ever need – Clicky

Clicky is a powerful web tool that I have been using since late last year and other than my flickr account it is probably the only other web based service I have paid for. Why did did I pay for a web statistics tool when the internet is overrun with so many? It’s simple really, Clicky is the best web based stats tracker available now…period, believe me I’ve probably tried most of not all of them over the 2+ years this blog has been active or through my 5 years experience building websites.

Why is Clicky better than the others?

For me personally Clicky is head and shoulders above the competition because:

1. Ease of use – It’s simple, fast and reliable. You could be web development veteran or or a newbie if you have the ability to cut and paste a simple line of code into source code of a webpage and then log into to a website and read and navigate the results Clicky is for you.

2. Its free to try – When I first surfed in on the Clicky homepage I didn’t think it was anything special but the free 30 day limit free trial was appealing and even before my trial was over I became a customer.

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3. Its customizable – Clicky’s web based user interface is customizable and it can be as simple or as complicated as you the user want it to be. More interested about your search engine traffic or location your visitors are coming to you page from…customize your control panel and give priority to that information.

5. Frequent updates – New features, fixes and tweaks are released for Clicky constantly and that gives the feeling that the service is alive and constantly improving through feedback from users and the work of dedicated developers.

6. Feature Rich – Every feature available through other web analytic tools and much more are available through Clicky. Add in third party support for tools like feedburner, widgets, the ability to track your stats via RSS feed and you understand why I like this tool so much.

7. Addictive – An addictive web analytics tool? Yup you read right, I know I am a geek and all but after months of using Clicky and now have a good amount of data available I find myself with my Clicky control panel almost always open in a tab in my browser comparing the performance of my site against previous month, weeks or days, this is very useful now seeing that I was recently away on vacation and wanted to know how this affected the traffic to my geek repository (my blog for all the non-geeks reading this). There is also a feature dubbed “Spy” where you can see all the visitors to you site in real time. I remember when I hit the frontpage of digg for a few minutes with Anime Tome post how the spy window went crazy.

Search statistics so far today for

A lot of the persons who read my blog own blogs of their own. I challenge you all to at least try the 30 day trial and send me a message or leave a comment on this post telling me what you think. Decided to try it? Then please consider sighing up for it through my affiliate link by clicking here.

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  1. @ Neil and Marketing…please come back and tell me what you think!

    @ Gordon…believe it or not google analytics is not the best stats tool out there…give clicky a try and see.

    @ Deas….Woopra looks kinda cool

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