My Boss My Hero – Hilarious Japanese Drama

My Boss My Hero was one of the first suggested series when I asked my readers to recommend some Japanese dramas for me to watch so I could finally take the Japanese drama plunge. After just reading the description about My Boss My Hero I knew it would have been interesting and after completing watching the series a week or two ago I was not disappointed.

Meet Sakaki Makio, the dumb Yakuza who has to return to high school

My Boss My Hero Plot Synopsis

Sakaki Makio is a member of a Japanese Yakuza gang named Kantou Sharp Fang. Skaki Kiichi is his father and the boss of the gang. Makio is not very smart academically, unable to even write his name properly but when it comes to a physical confrontation he is the strongest there is. His father is concerned that physical prowness alone will not make Makio a worthy successor of his gang and worries that he will be easily be outsmarted by rivals and so orders the 27 year old Makio to attend high school to earn a diploma. With the help of his underlings he must now pose as a 17 year old high school student and thats where it all gets crazy.

Imagine posing as a 17 year old when you are 27…impossible?…yes I know.

Why I like it

The main things I like about My Boss My Hero is how fast the story unfolds and how funny it is. A lot happens in each episode of the series and with a decent cast of characters it does well to keep you engaged. Mix inΒ  some romance and some gang scenes, a fantasy indusing homeroom teacher and great sound effects and My Boss My Hero comes out as one of my favourite Japanese Dramas so far.

A meeting of Yakuza

A big THANK YOU to all who left comments and contacted me with recommendations for Japanese dramas to watch, this is the first series I have sat and watched it it’s entirety and I have been watching a few since, if this keeps up I can imagine it becoming quite addictive ^_^.

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